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01.12.2010 -  AE will exclusively distribute the cost-no-object VIRGINIA class of isolation products by SRA in Asia
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13.11.2010 -  We will showcase the first Master Reference Sunray T1 system in Asia. Jorn Janczak, CEO of Tidal Audio GmbH will explain the technology behind this ultimate system live in AE showroom.
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20.07.2009 -  AE officially represents Robert Koda who builds the super amplifier “Takumi-K70“ 3-piece groundbreaking super amplifier.
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15.07.2009 -  Peter/Jolanda of Da Vinci Audio will visit AE from Aug 8 to August 11 to set up the first pair of Virtu speakers in the world.
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10.07.2009 -  Mike Stahl, creator of the almighty Vekian DAC, will visit AE on August 5.
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05.07.2009 -  Kamamura, single piece (vertical orientation) version of the famous ORB Kyoto, will be available for sale on early August.
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The Next Stage

AE has continued to grow steadily despite the ongoing global economic downturn. We have successfully built a solid foundation of knowledge justifying a true high fidelity experience. We have specific solutions to tackle mechanical induced vibrations and AC/Ground contamination. The achievement of silencing such extraneous noise is not only audible but also sensible in delivering the true emotional content of the music.

Our open attitude embraces constructive criticism from our customers and visitors. We listen, listen and listen. Then we change, improve and listen again. Today, AE is globally known as the place for audio extremists. Our private audio forum is followed around the globe. Future expansion will continue to focus on the intellectual domain – particularly for those who are willing to go the extra mile to push the boundaries to achieve sonic realism.

If you are a true lover of music and demand an ultra high fidelity level of music reproduction, we are confident that we can offer you peace of mind via our carefully chosen audio partners. Still, at this level, there is no simple plug-and-play in hi end audio. Patience is required. We are always pushing the learning curve to reach the next level of audio bliss. Our execution is unique.